Monday, February 10, 2014

Thoughts on being creative... last week...

This previous week a friend and I had our first artist date.  This was already a goal of mine of 2013 to attempt to draw and watercolour and paint more regularly... On Wednesday evening we had a wonderful 'first art date'... My friend prepared a canvas and started looking for inspiration in some favourite magazines of her... while I attempted my very first 'artist trading card'!  Thank you Nini for the inspiration and starting a beautiful small group for artist trading card swapping - I am so excited!! 

Nini's newest blog entry is on keeping a journal of one's life as there is so many things happening and when you record your special and ordinary beautiful moments you realize how many of them happen daily!   
I had the same thought at the beginning of the year and started out 2014 with printing Stephanie Levy's beautiful calender.... and so I started recording my creative joys as it happened... I forget so quickly... thus I have this to reread and be inspired by all that I experience... 

Something very special happened in January! See if you can discover in my January calender what this could be :)
More on this in another blog entry ;) 

Earlier in the week I started trying out Tunisian crochet - as I saw that this could be ideal for cross stitching...

I definitely have a little project up my sleeve with this Tunisian crocheting... which I will reveal as soon as it is completed!

Yesterday while starting yet another crochet project - this time for Valentine's day :) ... I saw all the projects of mine that are in progress on my studio table... and had to smile - all is special to me and every one gives me so much joy...  See if you can spot them all...

Now I'm off to have some tea with my mom...  

Wishing all a wonderfully blessed creative day!xx


  1. Awwww, so much creativity going on in your life! I loooove all the photos you shared here and so much was going on in January for you. I think you'll be needing more space to write everything down soon ;)

    Thank you for the sweetest mention, I'm so glad you joined in our little group and that you'll get to share your creativity with others even more. That last photo is perfect! Great to see so many projects going on and giving you joy. And I love the first one too, because of the waffles ;) hehe... I wish I could meet with someone for an artist date too. Looks like we'll have to use Skype for that... seems like the only option for me.

  2. Nini, thanx for your lovely comment! I am so looking forward to our groups sharing of creativity! The sharing of creativity makes my heart smile way beyond its capability ;) Ooo skype sounds like a definite option for an artist date :))
    Nini, isn't it just so awesome to be living in the age of the internet and being able to meet and interact with creative people all over the world!
    Ps sorry for the comment not appearing instantly, but somehow my settings (I am not that 'literate' on these things) are set in a way that I receive the post by email and then has to 'publish' it...

    1. Don't worry about the late reply, it was my fault because I didn't notice the "comment will be visible after the approval" line :)
      But you can set up different settings... you need to go into blogger's dashboard, find settings and there go under Posts and comments.... and choose a different setting there.

      I do agree with you about the internet being great for meeting and interacting... there are really so many interesting opportunities! It's a huge time consumer as well but then all the addictive things are;)

  3. Ha, you've booked your trip to Berlin, right? So cool. Let me know when you're there. I love your pictures. You picked such a nice colour for the tunisian crochet... yummy!

  4. Sabrina, you spotted it! :D I'm so excited about our trip! Will be there 1-14 September. Are you safely back home? Luv your beautiful projects on ravelry!

  5. Yes, I'm back. A big lack of motivation to work got me order three days in row yarn online. Crazy, I know...