Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Art by Willem Strydom

I recently attended a walkabout of Willem Strydom's work - on exhibition at the Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch at the moment.

The unbelievable attention to detail in his watercolour paintings really impressed me!

In the booklet of this show it says that the artist has chosen to call his watercolour works, 'drawings with colour'.
It also says that 'from the outset each mark serves an autonomous function, to from a coherent and active part in the composition of the final image. He does not use layers of marks... starts to draw at one point of the image, completing section after section, and almost never returning to any of the previously completed areas!

Willem is actually known for his marble sculptures, but it is my love for detail that had me looking at his paintings with lots of admiration! 


  1. Thanks for posting these, I attended the exhibition, but was so blown away with the sculptures that I never took a good look at the paintings. These are lovely!

  2. Those watercolours are amazing indeed... I also think it's great that people can go to the same exhibition and see different things (re. above comment) - thanks for sharing this :)
    (I'm over from CC)