Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holiday knitting and crocheting...

My husband and I had a 9 day holiday recently. We made a road trip from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. We stayed in Glentana for 2 nights... one of the main reasons for staying more than one night was to have a day to drive around and in particular to Toucan - a wonderful wool shop close by to Mosselbay!  Yes, I have the most amazing husband, who armed with his iPad waited patiently for me to feast on all the wool :)

On our way back from PE we were lucky to stay in a beautiful setting close to Plettenberg Bay called "Alkantmooi" (the English meaning - "every side of this guest house is pretty").  

After the visit to the Toucan wool shop... I couldn't wait to start knitting... and what a pleasure with such a beautiful setting as the sea at Glentana!  

Not long after getting inspiration from the Glentana coastline this scarf was finished...

In PE we connected with lots of family... but in between all the chattering... I tried this doily from the Ideas magazine... used for decoration over a milk jar ... must just add the beads ;)
On checking the spelling of doily on google I came across this on wikipeadia:
"A doily (or doilie) is an ornamental mat, originally the name of a fabric made by Doiley, a 17th-centuryLondon draper.[1] Doily earlier meant "genteel, affordable woolens" "

In Plettenberg Bay I encountered a wonderful lady with lots of positive energy named, Martie in a little wool shop where she was spinning wool that was sheared by her husband.  After seeing this beautifully soft coloured purple-pink merino wool spun by her I could not resist buying some :) .  I made scarf, and crocheted a scalloped edge...

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