Thursday, December 27, 2012

A flower necklace taking shape...

Me, my aunt, Yvonne and my nephew's wife, Julia, had a little craft share visit this morning.  Julia told me about the flower necklaces she's made her friends for Christmas.  It looked so beautiful, that I just had to try one myself!  I showed her the Snowflake pattern from Attic24, which she on turn tried out.  My aunt is knitting the coolest socks for those long cold winters' nights...

To the end of our visit I had finished the neck strings, as well as the flower of the necklace and Julia had nearly finished her version of the snowflake... this was fun!

On getting home, I sewed away all the loose wool ends and placed the flower and bottons on their places... was all ready to wear!

This beauty was my inspiration found via Ravelry from the website of

A pic of the lovely snowflake pattern from

These beauties were made by my aunt as gifts to us! They are nice and long and super warm.

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  1. Aaah!! I want a pair of hand-knitted socks!! I guess I'd better get started then, huh? ;) But I mean to be GIFTED a pair ;) Strange thing - the more I get into focus what it is I love to do (writing and drawing and painting my illustrations and observations of life, and sharing them, would sum that up), the clearer it becomes that I will never have time for all those OTHER fun things... So I'm going to have to be happy with looking at what other people do... That flower necklace is awesome, too... And I clicked the link in the post above, there is so much cool & indeed FUNKY stuff one can crochet, that if I ever come by that extra day in the week, I might have to use it to become more proficient with yarn ;)
    Happy stitching, you - you make LOVELY stuff!! xx