Friday, May 17, 2013

Enjoying Autumn

A friend and I met at our local yarn shop for a chat. While she knitted away at a jersey for her husband, I crocheted a jar cosy and started on a scarf with wool I got as a thoughtful present.

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  1. You jar cozies are lovely :) And this whole idea of sitting outside a shop to chat and knit - or crochet - is so much like drawing outside - love it :D We just need to weather to clear a little... Or sketch indoors ;)

    I really love your blog profile! The first bit is new, isn't it? Beautiful courageous honesty! Totally familiar with the getting around the inner critic-thing - but I'm learning to shut her up, at times, and so will you! :) And the Natalie Goldberg-quote is still so true and beautiful. We need to remember that, and push through, make, enjoy and post about it :) Good to see you're back :)