Monday, August 25, 2014

Worldwide Artist Blog Hop and four questions

Thank you for the invite Anneke! Anneke is an crochet artist living on the west coast of South Africa in the cutest little town called Paternoster. We met on the facebook site "Ons Hekel" where Anneke is a huge inspiration to all with the beautiful T shirt yarn carpets she crochets.  She recently became well known on the "Ons Hekel" facebook site for her 'twisty' neck warmers! :)  
 Anneke hopped over to challenge me with 4 questions...

Question 1. Why do I do what I do?

Before answering the 'why', let me explain a little about myself...  I have always loved the creative process. To learn a skill and to make something was always very appealing to me. Thus I have explored quite a lot of mediums, from journaling, to poetry, to exploring painting on fabric, making mosaics, working with stained glass, doing an oil painting class, working with paper, photography (especially macro photography) to name a few.  Then about 3 years ago I came across a picture of the most beautiful crocheted blanket in a magazine.  The pattern was right there.  So in that week I went to buy what was needed and started to teach myself how to crochet.
Why? I find crochet to be an amazing way to cope with stress.  I have a work with long hours and it is such therapy to quickly crochet a few stitches during my lunch hour or when I get home.  It has a way to relax me that is awesome and you get a crocheted object at the end of it also!  From the "Ons Hekel" group on facebook I found the "Hekel innie Kaap" group that is more localized.  They have monthly meetings where I have met amazing people who I can now call my friends! 

This is a pic of a T shirt yarn doily shaped carpet that I crocheted earlier in the year...
(inspired by Anneke and her lovely crochet work)

At the beginning of the year I also got totally hooked on the idea of keeping a sketchbook journal.  From April I have been participating in two semesters as well as a Sketchbookery class from Mary Ann Moss. All were awesome!  Why? I love the idea of recording what happens around me and that which are special to me.  It is also a good idea to remember fragments of you life better.  If you have drawn something - chances are you will remember it much longer!  How special will it be to have such a record of your life!

The following is a fun drawing - one of my very first!  We had to draw our breakfast :)

I have also participated in a "30 Days of Collage" online class in May.  The class was from the inspiring Stephanie Levy.   Why?  I had been an online student of Stephanie's in the past - participating in her "Creative Courage" course.  So I just could not resist to explore her collage work.  It is something I would love to add to my sketchbook journal!

And.... something big is coming up in about a weeks time!!.... I will be traveling to Berlin to attend a 5 day collage workshop with 9 other ladies from around the world with Stephanie giving us hands on teaching!

The discovery of the online creative community is an awesome experience! I can go on about this for a long time!  But the bottom line is... find that which lies closest to your heart and then go find the community in your area, but also explore the communities on line!  I have made amazing friends in The Netherlands, Slovinia, US, Belgium ect..

Here is a collage I made in Stephanie's online class... it was made in anticipation of the live workshop I am attending shortly...

Question 2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I do not like to compare myself to anyone else.  I feel that we are all individuals.  The important part for me is that you find your passions - that which lies closest to your heart. And that you go about this in a truthful way to who you really are.

Question 3. How does my creative process work?

I believe that when I live close to my heart and my passions, then the life that happens around me will inspire me ultimately.  This I can truthfully say is the short answer to where my creative processes start.  For me it is then important to act on that heartfelt impulse when it is triggered!  To feel the 'fear' of thinking that you would like to try something, but you would rather not because you think you would never get it right - this is a very common feeling - and a reason why people would not try things and thus never explore to get closer to their own heart and passion and way of expressing something from their heart.  To feel fear and still go forward that is the goal!

Question 4. What am I working on now?

At the moment all focus is on my upcoming trip to Berlin.  I have been making sketchbook travel journals for my travelings - as being inspired by Mary Ann Moss's online travel journal class called "Ticket to Venice" (yet another online venture I found so much fun!) 

I am also crocheting fun little flowers - but why? ... this will be revealed in the next 3 weeks ;)

Thank you so much Anneke for inviting me to participate in the Blog Hop! How fun is this!!

Anneke and I met for the first time about a month ago at the very first Yarn Indaba held in South Africa!  It was in Pretoria - a 2 hour flight from Cape Town.  We took part the very morning that the biggest yarn bomb in South Africa was set up!  Here is some fun pic's of the event...

This last pic is a fun one of Anneke that I borrowed from her blog...

I would love to tag my dear and very talented husband, Hugo to participate in this blog hop.  He will be posting on Monday, 1 September!


  1. Love to read your answers, asi I was invited to join the blog hop two weeks before. And have fun in Berlin! Lovely city!

  2. I love your thoughts about creativity my dear friend and getting to know you a little bit better. Your sketchbooks look wonderful, as does your crocheting and sketching. And anything you seem to touch! <3