Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quilting fun continues...

This previous week I had some time off from work on Wednesday afternoon and for 3 hours I  had such fun again at Dots Quilts.  Dot was so nice to have me there again so I could learn the actual quilting with the sewing machine on my cushion that we began at her workshop.

It was so amazing experiencing Dot and her daughter, Natalie's passion for fabric and working with it!  Dot told me how she liked to work with fabrics that reflected light... and also when quilting, she liked to use a thread a little bit lighter than the fabric as to reflect the most light.

And so I was taught to quilt free-hand lines on the back of my cushion cover...  whoooheee... some even crossing over :) 

The front part of my cushion is also progressing ... all is now stitched together and Dot inspired me to also start doing this free-hand quilt lines through some of the blocks. Can not wait to try this out!!


  1. I LOVE your cushion cover - oh my gosh, with all the beauty you create, I'd love to see some pictures of you home :) It must be lovely :)

    Congrats on getting yourself a new sewing machine - you look like a pro to me, already ;) I can manage a straight seam, but that's about it... That workshop sounds lovely, and the space - post below - ... so light-filled!!
    You are doing such lovely things with your crocheting and sewing... I'm a little envious! (looking forward to see if you ever get to decorating a lamp post or traffic sign ;))

  2. Ha ha... I already had a look at our closest stop signs... but because they are 3-way stop signs, they're having this weird block with a 3 in it just beneath the actual stop sign - this is not working for the flower design :) ...although my husband said I must make it work!! Hie hie... is to much thinking about stop signs resembling flowers a good thing? :)

    A little secret... I can also only do straight line sewing!! Natalie from Dot's Quilts promised me that it is the only skill to have to do these quilt-like things :0 I will report back about this!! So far - so good :)

  3. No, haha, I think too much thinking about stop signs and flowers is GREAT :D It means you're inspired to get creative :) I'm with your husband on this one - every challenge has an answer ;) Go for it :D (and anyway, who decides when too much is too much?? ;))

    Your straight seams look better than mine ;) I love your colour choices and the layout of your pattern! Keep going :)