Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crochet fun... for a good cause

A friend of mine had a wonderful idea a while back.  She suggested we as friends organize  a charity market/bazaar.  As we spread this idea quite a few people shared our enthusiasm and we are looking forward to our first 'Home Bazaar' on 1 Des!  The purpose of the bazaar is for everyone to hand make either eats or hand crafts.  Everyone participating will have a chance to nominate a charity of their choice and on the event there will be a lucky draw to identify the charity that will receive the profit...

So I began crocheting!

These lovely pattern for a flower coaster I found in Mollie Makes issue 20.  I made it with a cotton twine, using a 4mm hook.  I left out the last round, as I liked the edge more defined with the flowery pattern.  I made 2 batches of 6 coasters each and plan on doing another batch or 2...

Then in the new Ideas magazine I found patterns for these cute picture frames and could not resist trying them out...  At the moment I only have one of each and will have to focus if there are to be a few of them at our bazaar!

I'm still planning on trying out a very simple idea for a place mat...   My mom's started up her cross stitching again and is making lovely reindeer images in wooden loops, ideal for christmas decorations.  Another friend has made 19 strawberry jam jars and preserved a few jars of beetroot.  There are going to be lots of typical South African bazaar eats and I am so looking forward to decorating the tables... There will also be lots of bunting in the trees to add to the festive atmosphere...  

I cannot wait!

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  1. I LOVE the picture frames :D They make your wedding photos look even more romantic!! :)