Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Christmas morning" socks

The other day I found this beautiful sock pattern on Etsy at the "Monpetitviolon" shop.  It is done by Vita, who is a crochet designer.  I immediately fell in love with this design and had to buy it!  In the next few days I'll be trying it out, while relaxing on a mini-holiday at the sea...

It will be the first sock pattern I try.... ooo holding thumbs that it will work out nicely!!

Oh, and I am posting this especially for the shop assistant who looked at me strangely today, when I tried to explain that crochet these days can be very funky!!


  1. Die kousies is te oulik! Well done! Ek het die winter 'n serp gebrei wat baie moeilik was...my ma het dieselfde patroon gebrei en haar serp is BAIE groter as myne. Nie 'n idee hoekom nie! Sal love om te sien hoe dit lyk as jy kla is!

  2. Yes, me too! Want to see these finished! But I bet there was too much distraction in your little sea-side holiday ;) Or did you get to start - get on - finish even?! :)

    Ooo, and I think it's a sad day when you work in a yarn shop and don't see what's funky, fun, fantastic about the creative dreams you sell...

  3. Yes Yvonne you are very right - about the distractions!! And the fear of maybe not getting it right also slowed me down!... but the good news is that the pattern was written wonderfully clear and I got it right - whooohooo :) I finished the foot part of my first sock and am halfway up the leg with this one... Will definitely post when finished. The shop assistant I mentioned was in a clothing shop - we spoke and these socks came up - I gave her my blog address for her to see how funky they are - she telling me if they are nice she will order some for her grandma!! I told her to go and have a look, I'm sure she will also order for her sister and herself!! Ha ha :)