Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 1 in Amsterdam

To figure out the tram routes in Amsterdam was quite an ongoing challenge... but eventually on day 1 we made our way from Schipol to Central Station and then via tram to Overtoom... followed by a short walk and then we were at the studio apartment - our 'home' in Amsterdam for the next 8 days...

We did a quick visit to the Albert Hein store around the corner - to fill up on food supplies and then made our way to museum square.
We lingered outside the Rijksmuseum for a while - admiring the architecture...

.... and then made our way inside to buy 'the museumcard' - which gives you free access to lots of museums in NL for a year!

Then we were on our way to meet the lovely, Yvonne from
She stays in the cutest little town just outside of Amsterdam...

... and what a wonderful experience to meet up in person with one of the 'Creative Courage' e-course members!!
In her words... we chatted away as if we did it frequently :)

On returning home that first day after these first 'unreal' experiences that we've been planning for so long ... we passed out feeling so blessed!

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