Monday, August 11, 2014


What a whirl wind of creativity the past few months had been!  While quite exhausted - I feel so grateful for the amazing experience of exploring my creativity through sketching!

A month or 2 back I discovered the art filled sketchbook journals of Mary Ann Moss and it was love at first sight!  It was just in time to join her Sketchbookery class.  Luckily for me (having also committed at the same time for semester two of Sketchbookskool ) the concept of her classes is to buy a year (or longer) access to a particular class. 
I loved her class so much that I just had to sign up for her 'Ticket to Venice' the making of a travel journal class also!

With the sketchbookery class I did my first blind contour drawing!... of my hand :)

...and I loved trying out the 'Modified' contour drawing - where you look at the subject most of the time - but are 'allowed' to look at the page to make sure lines meet up...

Mary Ann also taught me the importance of making a palette card of the watercolors you are using.  Now I cannot paint without it! ;)

In the same way she showed us the importance of playing with your color palette and making color wheels of the different color reactions to each other...

Mary Ann introduced the idea of lettering to a sketchbook which I totally loved and had to give it a try!

Since starting with these classes of Mary Ann, I had the opportunity to travel away from home the other day and I could not wait to try out my very first travel journal!  

More on this in another blog post...

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