Sunday, December 29, 2013

The finale of Barcelona - Montserrat

You have to be on the first train to Montserrat every one told us - and there we miss the first train by 4min! So we had to wait a full hour for the next train at 9h30... The train ride being the best part of an hour still to get to Montserrat station, from where you can take a funicular or a cable car to the actually monastry high up in the mountains.
The Basilica was beautiful! ... and adding to a unique experience was the boys choir singing at 13h and a priest giving a few sentence message to the congregation, before closing down the ceremony with the 'Our Father' prayer - every one encouraged to pray it in their own language... what an experience!

We also took a 5 min funicular to the start of a kind of  'Holy Way'... situated on the edge of the high mountain... the walk way leads you from one statue installation to the other, depicting the Holy Way... until it ends at a cave that has been built out to form a little church... The views along the way were breath taking!

In the end with all the excitement and very dry air I lost my voice for a day or 2 and ended up with a throat infection! ... but not even that could make a dent in the most wonderful experiences me and the love of my life had during these two weeks!

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