Monday, June 30, 2014

Playing with collage

During the month of May I participated in "30 days of Collage" - an online class by the amazing Stephanie Levy.  I had no experience with collage... My reasons for doing this class was two-fold.  
This year is the year for me to challenge myself to keeping a sketchbook journal. To be visual in the remembering of the moments that make up my life. So I thought that a collage element would be lovely to play with in my sketchbook journals.
The other reason why this class seemed like the right thing to do is because I will be flying of to Berlin early September to participate in one of Stephanie's live collage workshops! I cannot wait!
During our "30 Days of Collage" online class Stephanie gave us an huge amount of info on collage, with a blog post every day! Some 20 different inspirations for collage making  as well as 10 guest interviews with collage artists!

The first collage prompt I followed was the 'black and white' collage...

After playing around with different images, I made my very first collage...

Then I tried the "Warm color" collage...

...which ended up looking like this...

After visiting the Skinny Laminx shop in town, I started playing around with off cut fabric pieces I bought there...

...the end product of my 'Fabric' collage...

I love all things vintage! Thus the theme got me going on a collage playing with the idea of women gathering in Berlin for tea and playing with collage elements such as glue and scissors...

I loved the challenge of playing with all the random papers that were any way piling up in my studio... ;)


  1. Wow this is really inspiring. Hope to see your future work.

  2. I looove all of these but my ATC is THE best of all ;) You are so very versatile Liezl, a true like minded soul indeed <3

  3. Thanx Nini for your comment! So very happy that you like your ATC :D And what a honor to be a like minded soul! Your art, as well as your online presence encouraging the creative people around you are a huge inspiration! You have a rare gift of touching people's souls with your presence! So cool to be one of those 'touched ones' :)

    1. oh my, these must be the kindest words ever said to me.... thank you so much dear Liezl ❤ I'm lost for words now...... ❤❤❤