Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sketchbook skool!

At the beginning of April Sketchbook skool started!  I joined in mainly because I would love to make drawing an every day experience.  I have been keeping a journal filled with words for a very long time. Yet I began to crave the idea of also filling a journal with sketches.  Although I am a total beginner at sketching I believe that anything is possible if you set you mind and heart to it! 

So on 6 April I made my first sketch...

Danny Gregory was our first teacher and he prompted us to sketch some of the new art supplies we bought.
Another challenge was to draw our breakfast...

As we were encouraged to draw from our life experiences and the things around us... I got intrigued with drawing a piece of spine - as I was starting at that time to experience recurrent back aches...

I work very long hours in a hospital laboratory... thus the following drawing...

Koosje Koene was our second teacher... she challenged us to work with color pencils... and a friend at work gave me a beautiful pear to draw...

Then along came Prashant Miranda as a teacher who inspired us with his beautiful watercolor washes. On a lovely sunny autumn day my husband and I went sketching at a beach nearby with a clear view of Table Mountain...

Jane LaFazio was our fourth teacher encouraging us to explore the use of grids... 

Next was Roz Stendahl - what a teacher!! She shared her passion for drawing animals and prompted us to visit a museum or draw toy animals as to practice before trying your hand at real animals...  On a very cold day I decided to visit the SA museum in Cape Town and managed to draw an Aardvark and also a close up gesture drawing of his feet... before running off to the coffee shop for hot chocolate ;)

A toy animal, as well as a drawing of a wood sculpture of an antelope followed...

So after 5 weeks we were introduced to the wacky Tommy Kane, our last teacher for this first semester of SBS.  Tommy was all about seeing the detail in everything!  Taking your time and always finishing off what you started...  He mesmerized all the student to the level that before long every one was drawing him! ... so I just had to too :)

Sketchbook skool was an amazing adventure!  And after 2 months I have almost filled my very first sketch journal!  My husband is also totally hooked, so we have been off to quite a few places over weekends with our sketch books :)


  1. Wow! Those are awesome! I found your blog from Mary Ann Moss' sketch class website. I can't wait to see what you do in the class. I'm kinda not sure about posting mine now! :)

  2. Hi Pixie! So nice to hear from you! This is my first class with Mary Ann Moss. I cannot wait for it to start! Tomorrow! Lets be bold and draw from the heart and have lots of fun in the process!

  3. Awesome drawings Liezl! And to be able to do it alongside your darling is priceless!

    with having the same cereal over and over.... woooow... you can bake loads of mixed media sketchbooks ;) (remember that tutorial I made? these are perfect for it)

  4. Yes Nini my 40+ years of cereal boxes would have made quite a few sketchbooks! :)
    Thanx for your comment! Like always it is much appreciated xo