Sunday, May 20, 2012

Exploring the making of a runner...

A while back at a vintage market a runner caught my eye... it was not for sale, only decorative... but I liked it so much that it ended up inspiring me to try and make one!
I do not have any sewing skills, except for believing I can sew in a straight line :)
So I wanted to try and see what happened...

...once the material was cut to size (which took quite some time!), I laid it out...

I decided to zig-zag the little triangles... thus adding a little texture to the runner... actually I could not work out another way for sewing this ;)

...then it was time to sew the backing material - right sides facing - to the front of the runner...

... I did this project with a friend in mind... it becoming a birthday present...

I finished it just in time - a few hours before the party was to start!


  1. Ooo :) You know, it all starts with the BELIEVE that you can sew a straight line ;) And you do it so well :) Love the runner, and must look for some of that Afrikaans ribbon when we're visiting next (7 weeks to go!!)! That 'Trust' plate you have there is gorgeous! And the whole thing of giving handmade - too cool!

  2. Sometimes I get so inspired by something... that the urge of curiosity for the end product sends me off the cliff :) ps. will see if I can source you some of that Afrikaans ribbon!

  3. That would be great!! Let me know on FB if you have ideas!