Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crocheting a fabric mat...

The inspiration for me to try and crochet a fabric mat is two-fold.  I love the blog of Isabeau Joubert, who seems to be a crochet artist in Cape Town at the moment (how cool!!).  She recently posted the most beautiful fabric floor coverings that she's made.
So inspired was I when I opened the new Ideas magazine and saw a Isabeau - fabric mat in there with the pattern to make it!

Pic's above:  Isabeau's beautiful creations!

I received my Ideas magazine on Thursday morning and after work I was on my way to source some fabric for my mat :)
Later on Thursday evening my husband and I took turns on cutting the fabric to strands for crocheting...

...this morning I finished cutting the fabric and could not wait to start and see how this would work ... so far so good...  :)

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  1. I have seen big balls of that fabric 'yarn' and have wanted to try using it for something - but it all looks so - rough, if you know what I mean... I probably could imagine a shopping bag from it, but wonder if it won't stretch too much. This is another AWESOME idea, especially for that type of material - wow! Love seeing what people think up, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this end up, finished and in your home :)