Friday, February 14, 2014

Be my Valentine

This week I had fun putting together a lovely flower heart. Thank you Lucy for the pattern in the newest issue of Simply Crochet :)

I needed 18 little flowers...

...and 12 leaves - which came to life late yesterday evening :)

My dear husband assembled everything and eventually my 'Attic24' heart was born...

The reason for making this cutie, was to bring some joy to my colleagues at work...

So now my spring flowers at work have some heart flower company :D


  1. Wow! You made this for your work colleagues? You are soooo nice! It's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Nini :) Yes it was made to cheer us up at work. I work in a 24h lab in a state hospital, thus we work long hours. These spring flowers and the flower heart are in our little tearoom and hopefully will bring some cheer to me and my colleagues during these odd hours of work :)