Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crocheting a mandala

I have the tendency to have this great idea for a project just a few days before I think could be perfect to have it finished...

And so my three balls of red T shirt yarn that just arrived through the post, last Saturday and my idea for a rug that my sister would love.... all coinsided 6 days before the ideal moment to give her this present...

I was very excited on the arrival of my first T shirt yarn via post - which turned out to be cheaper to order from a little west coast town (postage included!) than buying it from my favourite yarn shop around the corner...

So with a beautiful tutorial on hand I started the mandala rug. Even our little garden rabbit thought it had potential...

This time around (just like with my doily rug) I had color issues... only a little bit of dark red yarn - not enough to alternate the reds in whole circles. Then I got an idea which I encountered with an earlier project.
I chain stitched the darker red onto the rug and it enhanced the circles wonderfully.

So a few late evenings of frantic crocheting followed... although still I loved every moment of this growing mandala rug...

...and with a little bit of effort the rug was finished just in time to be presented to my sister on the day we planned a trip to her in Tulbagh.

Ps. the clogs on the rug was inspired by a wonderful crochet blog post :)


  1. What a beautiful rug Liezl! Your sister must have loved it. Great twist on adding the reds on it.

  2. Thanks Nini :). My sister was totally surprised and very impressed with her mandala rug surprise :D

  3. Pragtige mat en 'n wonderlike geskenk!