Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crocheting a blanket

A year or 2 back this image in a magazine caught my attention.... and eventually after seeing a similar blanket at a friends house (done for her by her mother) I got so inspired that I had to try... one problem... I couldn't crochet!  But this was minor details... and after some 'lessons' from the internet and books I started to learn all about double crochet, treble crochet, slip stitches and all the rest...

I started some where in the middle of last year... and am now at blanket flower 215!  My target is somewhere near 500 for a double bed throw!

This is so much fun!  ...and I experience the making of these flowers as a very stress relieving exercise!

To the end of last year I reached my first 100 and we held a little party!  The blanket that inspired me originally at my friends home were also present!

I asked a friend to bake me some cupcakes (inspired by the flower crochet pattern)...

...and I wrapped them with hearts and words...


  1. Ow wow!! I can't tell you how impressed I am!!! 215?? I LOVE those throws, and I have quietly thought about them, but to actually start, AND persevere? Never :) Keep going! I'm cheering for you! (and those cupcakes are adorable!)

    Also here to tell you I've tagged you on my blog... Ckick here to see the post :)
    I completely understand if you don't have the time to play along, no pressure from me! Especially now that I see what you spend your free time on ;)

  2. Yvonne, thanks for cheering me on! Another 200 flowers done, is in my wishjar for this year!
    I will defnitely answer your tag... but first I have a night duty to get behind me! Do not know what I was thinking when deciding that medical technology was a good idea! The night duties are very exhausting...

  3. Ow... I'm betting you didn't think it was a good idea because of the night duties specifically :) I've done one week of night duty in my life - when I was working for American Airlines in Dublin. I thought it was sort of - hmm, different and with its own charm. For a week, anyway ;) Good luck!
    I'm sure you will finish another 200 this year - you're doing great!!
    & thanks for wanting to answer my tag! Looking forward to you answers - anytime it's convenient of course, no pressure :)