Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vintage market

Visited the Vintage Ideas market at Simondium this morning... browsing for 3 hours through all the inspirations...

I just could not resist having this quilt! (...especially now that I know about some of the effort going into this!)

Bought a few doilies... I would love to try a quilt-like project including these!

Aaaa ... was so glad finding these!! ... want to try out crocheting these or maybe work with some doilies on them...

This little painting from Christelle Bester got our attention and we had to have it! 


  1. That painting is gorgeous - so sunny! It feels like a holiday :) Love the quilt, and I'm very interested to see where those doilies end up :) You had some great finds!!

  2. I'm looking forward to have some fun with those doilies!! Now I must just make a plan with time management around my day job! ... but I will get there! What works for me is a deadline! ...and there are a few birthdays of special people coming up...