Monday, May 20, 2013

A paper bow

My favourite South African magazine Ideas magazine brought out a special edition called, "Wedding Ideas". Which turned out to be filled with ideas not exclusively bound to a wedding. The pretty 'origami' bow caught my eye, as well as a paper cone. I combined the two - filled the cone with whisper-chocolates - and gave it as a thank you after having dinner at a friend's house.

The second one I did the same and then added a gift voucher to the cone for a friends birthday...

Then I made a third bow - this time as decoration for my mums' mothersday gift voucher :)

The bow can be made out of a 15x15cm paper and ends up to be quite a decent size!
For a bow origami pattern just google it! I did it for extra notes on the folding.


  1. It looks so pretty :D Beautiful!! Sometimes I wish I had time to focus on EVERYTHING ;) But I love that we all have our own creative gifts - makes it all so interesting and gratifying to look around this beautiful world :)

  2. Yes! Isn't it wonderful to look around - see beauty - be inspired - and then go home and use that inspiration in your creativity of choice :)