Sunday, May 19, 2013

The story of making bags - part 3

Friends of us started the Urban Sketchers Cape Town on facebook and I tested out my new sketch bag on one of their monthly outings...

We went to Simonstown station and had a 3 hour overlay of an old steam train to sketch...

Hugo got to it...

Lovely outing! My very first doing sketching outdoors - which I enjoyed so much!!
Notice that there is no sketch of mine posted ;) Oooo the inner critic got his way in convincing me it is not good enough :)
Despite that I still loved every moment!!...


  1. Ahh NO!! Drop the inner critic in front of that steam train next time! ;) I understand, unfortunately - but would love to see your sketches! Sounds like a lovely day :D Isn't it wonderful to have friends to go out and sketch with? (& oh my gosh, I would love it if my husband would draw!!)

  2. I'm dropping the inner critic infront of steam trains... Kicking him in the butt on several occasions... Ignoring him... AND I will not stop! Yet he is so resilient - showing up constantly :) The trick is maybe to invite him in - and confront him - trying to find out where he's from?... but would some one out there try it first and tell me about it? ;)

  3. Ahh sketching outdoors! I can not think of a better way to spend some quality time.